minimally invasive spinal surgery northern virginia

Spinal Surgery


“I see many patients who were told, usually be well-intentioned doctors, that they need a spinal fusion for their problem.  For a large number of these people, a minimally invasive option exists but has not been discussed or offered.”

We specialize in minimally invasive spinal surgery. The surgical techniques allow patients to return home sooner with less pain as less normal tissue needs to be disrupted on the way to the surgical area. These techniques include muscle dilating retractors, minimally invasive microdiscectomy, and ligament sparing decompression techniques.  Use of this approach often eliminates the need for fusion surgery and permanently implanted metal screws and rods.

Dr. Watson completed a spinal surgery proctorship in Memphis, TN, with the co-inventor of the minimally invasive spinal discectomy system.  Dr. Watson is the author of chapters on minimally invasive spinal surgery in the premier textbook, “Spine Surgery”.