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When you’ve been given a life-altering diagnosis, you seek the very best in neurosurgery.

Dr. Joseph Watson is a board certified neurosurgeon who has dedicated his life to treating patients with personalized care while staying on the cutting-edge of treatment technology.  His specialties are pituitary tumors, brain tumors, and minimally invasive spine surgery.  Dr. Watson’s career of over 25 years has earned him many awards, research grants, and publications.

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Julie Olafsson

Brain Tumor

Gloria Rojas

Brain Tumor

“I came with my husband and my son and my son was very concerned.  He had so many questions that I was not even thinking.  My son said, ‘It is my Mom who you are going to be treating, Dr. Watson and we are going to put my Mom in YOUR hands.

And the way that he [Dr. Watson] spoke to my son… and the way that he got close to my son, it was very warm and like a human being, you know?  We felt like we were family.  That was something very big for us.  We did not hesitate to make a decision at that moment.

He said he was going to do everything he could and he did MORE.  Now [2 years later], I feel great and I am very grateful that we have Dr. Watson in our lives.”

Samantha S.

Brain Tumor

“Dr. Watson is top notch! He has years of professional experience, maintains a vast set of skills and knowledge, and has performed many successful, hands-on surgeries.

He always has a warm, welcoming, witty demeanor, caring for me as though I am a close friend or family member. He explains all the nuances of my condition in terms I can understand, without all the medical jargon; he patiently answers my questions and concerns; and he plainly articulates my options, along with their associated risks and benefits.

Despite having a busy practice, Dr. Watson’s administrative staff are almost always able to schedule an appointment for me within a day or two of my call, and I have received timely and thorough responses to emails and voicemails I have left. I’ve consulted with many MDs throughout the years, so I know how rare it is to find one as knowledgeable, accommodating, and concerned as Dr. Watson.